Looking for a creative team-builder for your staff? Looking to book a bachelorette party?  Are you hoping to gather just a group of friends and have fun?  Let us help!

Creativity is the key to solving problems – and what better way to nurture creativity than with a paintbrush? Include a painted turtle teambuilding activity in your next staff meeting or strategy session. We have so many great ideas to inspire your group. When you’ve got a lot on your plate – you want it to be turtle-y colourful! 


Our studio handles 8 to 40 painters and we can do on-location events as well. We offer many different solutions and will be delighted to discuss the best options for your event. Here are just a couple examples:

Common Goal Painting - Each participant (individually or in teams)  complete a part of a bigger picture.  Each participant creates their own 12x16 canvas that can be installed as a big picture in your companies lobby as one large picture. $40/painter
***NOTE***  Common Goal paintings must be booked with at least 3 weeks advanced notice and must be done in groups of 9, 12, 16 or 20 people.
Mug Shots- First we start off with a mock speed dating session.  Participants each get a minute to get to know about each other.  Then each participant gets their own mug to paint thier name on for 15 minutes. The mug gets passed around the table and each painter gets 5 minutes to paint what they learned about their co-worker during the speed date on thier mug. $30/painter
Group Paint Night/Day - Each participant creates the same 16X20 canvas design.  At the end of our painting session we line up the canvases and try to figure out who painted which canvas.  We also give awards for the most similar to the actual canvas, the most creative, the most effort, then participants take their creations home. $40/painter
Mosaic Lobby Tables - Each participant is given a 4" tile to create a mini picture of a word they are given that encapsulates your companies core values/mission statement.  Once these tiles are fired they will be attached to an occasional table and grouted that your company can install in your lobby.  This is a great creative eye catcher for your customers to know what your company stands for! $250/table (25 tiles/painters)
Enhance your corporate team-building events for just $40 more
Coffee/Tea/Water - unlimited coffee, tea or bottled water for each participant.
Snacks/Punch - We provide a food table complete with fruit, veggies, snacks and a delicious punch.
Free Wifi - Guests will be given access to our wifi.
Private use of the studio - We close the studio for corporate events so participants have use of the entire studio without interruption.

To book your private or corporate event please call



Please choose from one of these options.  If you would like us to create a specific type of picture just for your company please contact us with information.