So... I made a bong!

Now let me start this blog by saying one I "smoke"?? Nope.. never have! Am I against others doing it?? Absolutely not. I am a fan of live and let live! That is why I chose to do a workshop to build your own bong. We have been asked to offer this class for the past 3 years and I thought it was high-time to answer that request (pun totally intended)

I have been researching different styles and methods to build them and realized, aesthetically they can be very pretty vessels! If you join the class it will be ultimately your choice what your bong will look like. It can be super pretty with flowers all over it.. funky in patterns.. themed to a collection (I have even seen skull bongs) or simple and sweet!

I know this class isn't for everyone, heck if I weren't teaching it, I would likely not attend..however some people are actually upset that I am offering this class. To them I ask... what is the difference between offering a bong making class and a wine glass making class? Both are vessels for legal substances, both are age why does this class upset some? It isn't like I will have people smoking in the studio. And to be honest...plenty of people show up for our events already haven partaken. So this event won't be any different!

Anyway, I for one think this workshop is going to be so much fun! I love watching people's creativity break free and come to life!

Hope you will join us!! I will bring the Doritos! ;)


Sue W.


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