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Can we just come in anytime to paint?

At this time, we are adhering to current Government Lockdown Guidelines due to Covid 19.  We do have online ordering available with contactless curbside pick up.  We also host weekly live sales on our Facebook page.

What does it cost?

Our pieces vary in price and we have A LOT to chose from!  We give full 1oz paint pots with each online order.  With total orders of under $30 your first 3 colours are included in the price.  If your total order is $31- $149, your first 6 colours are included and with orders over $150 your first 12 colours are included.  If you need extra paint/colours you can purchase 1 oz pots for just $2 each.  Mystery Packs get 4-8 mystery paints (depending on amount of packs ordered 1 pack=4colours 2+ packs get 8 colours) To order visit our turtle-to-go page here

I have a Gift Card, can I use it for sales and online orders?

Yes.  Your gift cards are just like cash.  It can be used on any purchase.  This is for gift cards that have been purchased either in-store or online.  However if you have a promotional gift voucher or a studio credit which you have won, the situation and options change.  Gift vouchers and Bingo wins and Mystery Bag wins can only be used towards regular priced items purchased either by online ordering or in studio retail (when this resumes)  Bingo/giveaways/promotional credits cannot be used towards Toolbox purchases or sale prices.

I puchased from a live sale, when can I pick it up?

If you purchased from a Friday sale, you can pick up on Tuesday.  If you purchased from a Saturday night sale, you can pick up the following Saturday.

I won something from Bingo, when can I pick it up?

We understand that you are excited to pick up your winnings,  We ask that you pick them up on the Saturday after the week you win.  However, winnings do need to be picked up within 3 weeks or they go back into the prize kitty.  

What is this toolbox I keep hearing about?

We sell a turtle toolbox full of either (20) glazes or (31) paints.  Purchasing this toolbox is ideal because you get all of our colours in a convenient toolbox to keep your colours handy and ready.  When you purchase a toolbox and you order online or in studio you will receive 20% off regular priced purchases because you will not be getting paint with your order (since you already have a toolbox)  Also.. if you need a refill on any of your colours they are only $1 each (instead of our regular price of $2 each)  If you order from our live Facebook sale and have a toolbox, you will get an extra 10% off the sale price since you will not need paint with the purchase.  See our Toolbox page here

I picked up my now what?

Ooooohh.. how fun!  We ask that you check your package immediately.  Please contact us promptly if you are missing anything (we are human and make mistakes just like everyone else)  


Start with your lighter colours and finish up with your darkest colour (usually black) 

Paint with 3 layers. Do the details last (eyes, linework, writing etc) 

Once done, return your item(s) for firing.  Pieces will be ready 1 week after drop off. 

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