Turtle Take-Away Camp

With these ever-changing times, our turtle-team has adapted our regular camps to offer a turtle-y awesome take-away program! 
Our Turtle Take-Away Camp bag offers artists 5 different projects of their choice along with a
mini-toolbox of paints (our top 10 ceramic colours in 2 oz bottles) 6x2oz bottles of acrylics* (if canvas project chosen), a watercolour pallet, brushes, apron and a ton of filler crafts all packaged in our reusable bag!   Campers get to keep everything in the bag and the bag itself! 
Each project will come with a link to a Youtube tutorial that your young artist can follow along to create!
Only $150 for the whole Take-Away Bag!
Order before June 20th and
pick up on or after July 5th

Choose Any 5 of these awesome projects!

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