Painted Turtle 2 in Welland, ON!

Come join us @

52 Hellems Avenue, Welland

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Welcome to Our Studio!


The Painted Turtle Pottery & Art Studio is a great addition to the arts and crafts movement that is becoming popular in The Niagara Region.  We strive to create a family-fun and child friendly atmosphere where our customers can walk in and feel relaxed and creative.  The words to live by at “The Turtle” are... It’s “turtle”y fun art!  Children and Adults alike are encouraged to get messy and get creative!  Choose your project from our wide selection in stock and sit at a table and our friendly staff will help you choose colours and serve you paint.  The rest is up to your imagination.  When your ceramic piece is done, we glaze it and kiln fire it to a brilliant shine and you can pick it up in less than a week.